SONY DSCToday we celebrate two awesome people – Mallory and Bryan!

Mallory, thanks for being so much fun, always giving your best effort regardless of the day or workout, and sharing constant laughs and encouragement with everyone in class.  We love you!

Bryan – Here’s to making this year your boldest, brightest most inspiring yet! You are such a big part of CFNP. You have made it a better place not just by your incredible attitude, but your pull-up rig is second to none!

Have an amazing day!

The sign up sheet is up at the box for the Open… Get your name on the list TODAY! :)





CrossFit North Pacific

Awesome people. Intense workouts. Serious fun.
CrossFit North Pacific
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Look at these two cuties cleaning in 15.4! Happy birthday Janyce and Elizabeth. We're here to celebrate with you ALL WEEK LONG!
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Interested in racing through an Obstacle course for a great cause & friendly competition? Join a team at the box or visit to sign up!
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Happy Birthday Karr'a and Charissa!! Have the best day ever!
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Polly is guest instructing Yoga tonight at 6:30pm. You are in for a treat. ;)
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Sweethearts & the Open!

SONY DSCSONY DSCThere are certain times of the year that we really look forward to… like OPEN SEASON!

You can fist pump right now, because it’s almost here.

If you don’t know what the CrossFit Open is, or if you aren’t sure if it’s for you, watch this and learn more.

This year, more than ever, the Open is about community, competition, and pure FUN.

SONY DSCIt might bring out your inner beast (we all have one) like it does for Peter!

The CFNP Open is a competition held in our box every Saturday from February 26 to March 30th. (5 Weeks)

Heats begin at 9AM.

You can sign up online for the Open, or at the box sign up sheet by the white board.

EVERYONE can and should participate!

There is no fee associated with doing the Open at our box. If you want to see your name online and compare scores, it’s $20 and you may sign up here, but this is not required to participate. Our CrossFit Kids and Teens will even be doing their version of the Open!

Ask your coach if you have questions, or grab a workout buddy that has competed before… They have experienced it and can answer questions you may have about whether or not to compete.


We are very excited to announce that CFNP is hosting Sweet Wheels for our Sweetheart on February 13th at 6PM!

This is a special event benefiting a military family of six , including a girl named Ellyn. All CFNP members, friends and family are encouraged to attend.

Donations are accepted, however simply being there and showing your support is truly welcomed. You do not need to be familiar with CrossFit to participate.

You may already be doing some of these. Shoot for all 10! 10 Things the Best Athletes Do 


The Scoop on Yoga!

IMG_4367Yoga is back at CFNP!

And it’s not just for ladies! Our pilot classes last week had as many guys as girls! (Thanks to Nat, Jordin, Tammi, Holly, Barbi, Teresa and Rene’ for being our models this morning.) :)

Here’s the scoop:

There will be two Yoga classes a week:

Tuesday evening at 6:30pm

Saturday morning at 10:15am

This is a vinyasa flow practice that integrates breath work, movement, and mind/body awareness. With a blend of flowing movement and a series of stretching postures you will increase healthy flexibility and quiet your mind as you detoxify your body… this class and CrossFit go together like bacon and eggs. All levels are welcomed!

1 Hour in length

Yoga is FREE to all CFNP athletes. We think this will be good for you and we want it accessible to you.

You do not need to reserve a space online, just SIGN IN when you arrive. There will be a sign-in sheet on the desk.

All members can bring a friend for only $15! (Option only available if you accompany a CFNP member.)bikram-yoga-sweat-fitness-bradley-cooper-matthew-mcconaughey


A mat, water.

Leave at home: 

Kids, dogs ;)

All classes are held at our box. The heat is on and it is very comfortable, but dress in layers as ideal temperatures vary. Yoga attire is encouraged!

If you are curious if this class is right for you, ask us next time you are at the box and we are happy to answer any questions for you. Our instructor is well versed in both advanced AND beginner poses and modifications. You will be learning more about Megan soon!

See you at the box!




A New Baby and a New Year!


Welcome to the World Madisynn Dee-Marie Arana! This little doll was 7lbs 12oz, 20.5″ long, and born @ 8:04am 12/30/14! Mike and Angie are now parents to 4 handsome boys and 1 beautiful girl. Congratulations you two!!

SONY DSCIt’s a brand new year!!

Here at CFNP, we (as in YOU :) ) set goals, make commitments and change things up on a regular basis, all year round.  Sometimes, starting completely fresh with a blank year ahead of you and a support system in place can help make changes you have been wanting to make even easier.

You can assume that getting you’re WOD on and pushing yourself hard each time your at the box is enough to get you those results that we all desire, however, you need more! We all need more. There are a lot of people that focus on the physical aspect of health and put little to no effort into the nutrition side.

You may think…. I’m content with my performance and I eat like crap so why should I change? Or….food won’t make me faster or stronger…..BOLOGNA!!

Fact: You may be an outstanding Athlete and not have to tweak your diet to be “fit.”

GREATER Fact: Good, clean, healthy diets WILL make you perform (and feel) better on ALL levels!

Obviously as Athletes we are all after different results, some want to be faster, have better endurance, or simply feel and BE more healthy….Some want to get stronger and continually hit those PR’s. No matter what the result you’re chasing. we are all chasing one, even if it’s just “maintaining” your fitness. While showing up 2,3,4 even 5 times a week at the box to push yourself through those WODs may seem rewarding (which it is, good for you), why not push yourself on the other (VERY important) aspect of fitness, DIET?

So many of us put Diet secondary to Fitness when in reality it should be the Primary focus. The sang goes “Eat to Perform” Folks! NOT “Perform to Eat”! If you’re one of those Athletes, those “naturally” physically fit people who eat crap day in and day out and still kill the WODs…..well, good for you. But I challenge you to make a change, try a Clean approach to your diet, try a true Primal/Paleo lifestyle, ditch your dirty carbs for 4 wks and see if you see better results! I personally promise you will. :)

And If you’re an Athlete who struggles with change in your diet and you’re working your butt off but not seeing results….. Come on!!! Put that effort you put in at the box to that very important PRIMARY aspect of Fitness (Your Diet )! Does it even make sense that you’ll see optimal results in your body if you’re neglecting the very first, most important part of Fitness?

I’m not going to bore you with Paleo lifestyle (notice I said lifestyle AGAIN?) facts and recipes, they are everywhere. Google them. Eating healthy should be a lifestyle change, not a crash, 30 day diet. Paleo is much more than a diet, for me it was lifestyle change almost 3 years ago. It took one month of eating clean and quickly seeing improvements in my physical physic and performance to get me to realize what the missing link to my athletic success was. If you’re not committed to truly making change, you WON’T benefit from a temporary trial. But I know we’re all committed, I see you all, all week long at the box, working your butts off!

As the start of a New Year has approached, I’m encouraging you all, not just the Athletes who seek physical change, but all who stride to get better……. to make a change, even a small one. Great exciting nutrition challenges will be coming your way at our box…. JOIN!!! COMMIT!!! Don’t be scared to make another lifestyle change, you made a pretty big one the day you joined CrossFit North Pacific!!!!

Here is a great article that addresses the basics of Paleo and many common perceptions and concerns that someone has looking to make the lifestyle change.

Share your latest or favorite with us at the box- we’d love to hear it!

Cheers To A New Year!

~Coach Natalie

Below, our recent birthday girl Holly cruising though a light load in her workout. Holly, you are amazing and one of the most up-beat, encouraging people! Thanks for always brightening our days!


The Gift of Fitness!

6a00d83451c06469e200e54f8198098834-800wiNeed a last minute gift? Come by and pick up a gift certificate! Gift packages are available to suit anyone on your list.

Instant pick up available for a Personal Training Sessions ($60) and a 1 Month membership ($99)! CrossFit North Pacific apparel and gear available starting at only $25.

Leave the stress at home and give someone you care about a gift they can truly use and enjoy!

Happy Birthday to 3 of our December babies! Eric, Dan and Hayden all celebrate this week!!



Tis the Season

SONY DSCTo be jolly and lift heavy weight! Or something like that…. ;)

Christmas is here!  Thank you to everyone that came and came to the CFNP Christmas Party!

This week we have 12 Days of Christmas, heavy wave of strength cycle, and even more team fun.

Here is the Christmas Week Schedule:

Monday: All Classes

Tuesday: All Classes

Wednesday: 6am, 9am – 12 Days of Christmas!

Christmas: Closed

Friday: 9am

Saturday: 8am Elements – 9am CrossFit

Don’t let the craziness and joy of the season keep you from coming in and getting your workout in!

Below, Katie looking awesome as she does her wallball shots!SONY DSC

Why Do You CrossFit?


 Why Do You CrossFit?

by Coach Ross

I have spent a couple years now in this community we call CrossFit North Pacific. My motivation has changed many times. Actually, my motivation changes quite frequently during each workout. Sometimes it is setting a new PR or making Matt cry like a school girl because I whooped him on yet another WOD. Other times I try to go fast so I can just to go vomit outside in peace. No matter what my motivation happens to be during a WOD, I can’t lose sight of why I started this in the first place: To beat my son in a foot race.

I know this sounds like an odd reason to do CrossFit. The real reason is that I wanted to be able to keep up with my kids as they grow. As life changes all around us, I wanted to know that I could do whatever was needed for my kids. Losing to Casey in a race showed me that I needed to do something to make that happen.  I chose CrossFit North Pacific to help.

I want you all to think about why you CrossFit. There is a deep down reason you put yourselves through all those wonderful burpees. It might be that you saw a little bit more in the mirror than you wanted to see. Maybe it got difficult to walk from the car into the pizza parlor because they forgot the extra cheese on your fourth order of breadsticks. Or just maybe you heard how great RossFit was and needed to try it. Whatever the reason, just remember it.

Competition and short term goals will help you during a workout, but when the weather is nasty and you had an extra piece of pie for lunch, when all you want to do is take a nap after work, when football is on, the reason you get up and go to the gym always comes back to the original one. That is your true motivation. That is why you do it. Sure, it feels good to watch Matt cry. The thing is, Polly makes me cry like a baby every time she whoops me on yet another WOD.  Even when I am lying on the ground in a pool of my own sweat, tears, and vomit after a 3-minute workout, I know that I am accomplishing what I set out to do. I am able to beat Casey in that foot race. For now….


Editors note: Ross is a coach, athlete, family man, and although (clearly, due to the number of references to pizza and pie) not following a Paleo diet, consistently improves, inspires others, and entertains us at CFNP.  You can find him leading “RossFit Wednesdays” on a weekly basis.

Happy Thanksgiving!


We would like to wish a very happy birthday to Noel, Arrene and Rene’!

As usual, we had a fantastic showing for the Run for the Hungry 5K. We LOVE seeing our athletes show up motivated, smiling, and having fun! You represent so well. :)

Congratulations to Mike A, Paul, Merissa, Katie, Tyler and Aiden (and his mom Christy who gave him a little help ;) ) on completing their first 5Ks! Watching our athletes break down barriers and achieve goals is the most rewarding part of being in this business. We will be thinking about all of you today and how we are thankful for the wonderful community that you brought to CrossFit North Pacific and Washougal.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and come in tomorrow at 9am to throw down in a team WOD and work off your holiday feast!

The Culture of CrossFit

SONY DSC The 6am shows off their spirit fingers and hook grips.

Culture shapes the way people interact and understand the world around them. What makes CF unique is the culture we create for ourselves. Our “world”, our box our community…OUR culture. All of us contribute to our culture. We leave behind the blueprint for future generations of our community.

Imagine culture as a stream flowing down through time from one generation to the next. Each generation contributes something to the stream but in each generation something is lost as sediment drops to the bottom and more water is added diluting the original headwater.

Our challenge is to define our culture.  Be impactful with your footprint. Be positive. Always leave behind more than you take, because what we do today will define our tomorrow.


Coach Matt


Happy Birthday to our Outlaw, Mallorie! (This is the only print you will see on this page in pink!) :)  We love you, Mallorie!

Mal owns Outlaw Coffee in Washougal. Stop by to warm yourself up with a delicious drink!


Thrive Throughout the Holidays!

workout_partnerIntroduce a friend to CrossFit!

Bring a friend Saturday, November 29th at 9AM.

No experience necessary — This will be a buddy workout that can be scaled to any level.

EVERYONE who brings a friend will be entered into a drawing to win a FREE month of CrossFit. It gets better.

Any friend that decides to join you at CFNP will receive $20 off their Elements package when referred by you.

Start recruiting your buddies!!

Brace yourself.


Are you ready for the easiest, most delicious Paleo Meatball recipe in the history of mankind? I know, I’m really propping this baby up – but I think it can stand. It’s an original creation, and specifically tailored to the Northwest. And did I mention it’s E-A-S-Y?

Magic 5-Minute Paleo Meatballs

2 lb. Grass Fed Beef Meatloaf from New Seasons (Don’t get excited – if you are the type that enjoys doing everything from scratch, it is perfectly acceptable to get all the ingredients that are in the meatloaf, chop them up, and go totally caveman or woman.)

1 lb. Ground Pork

3/4 Cup Almond Flour

2 Farm Eggs (like the ones at the box  - hey, that reminds me! Bring in your empty egg cartons.)

1 teaspoon Sea Salt


Preheat oven to 350F.

Mix all ingredients together, mashing with hands to ensure all are blended. The meat loaf already has seasonings and vegetables, which is the secret ingredient!

Roll in to pingpong-sized balls and place on wax paper-coated baking sheet.

Bake for 20 minutes or until throughly cooked. Cook time will vary depending on size. If you get a little loose at the end and make them lemon-size, they will take longer.

Remove with tongs and serve with any vegetable in season, or a hearty salad. (Personal favorite is asparagus.)

And Poof. You’re done. You’ll love this even more when you taste how amazing they are.

We’ll be posting more of our favorite recipes and efficiency tips to navigate through the season!

The holidays are about to kick off, and taking care of your health and your family are still on the list.

Below, Arrene looking amazing after losing 50 lbs since starting at CFNP. She has improved her 400M run time, and added weight to ALL her lifts! Arrene, you rock.