Coach Natalie and New Classes!

photo-79Happy Birthday, Natalie! 

We are stoked to wish this girl an awesome day, and proud to announce her as our newest coach!

Natalie’s dedication, energy and technical proficiency make her an amazing asset to our community, and we could not be happier to have her on our coaching staff. Few people have the motivation to continue to learn and and truly love helping people as much as Natalie does…. Welcome to the team!


Beginning Wednesday, October 15, CFNP will be adding 3 new CrossFit classes!!!!

Dates & Time: M-W-F @ 1PM.

Thanks for all of your requests and making it possible for this class to become a reality!

Notes on the Lurong Challenge:

Unless you are video taping your workouts to submit to the site, you will be following usual CFNP programming up until the final week when we will be re-testing the initial 3 workouts.

During this period keep staying accountable by logging your nutrition intake!

Pick up a new WOD Book at the box to keep track of your data. 

And make 3 classes/week to remain consistent and make REAL progress.

Below, Katie and crew dig in on rowing sprints!



Nutrition Challenge Time!

ry=400-14Justin underwater during event 2 of the CFNP Hydro Mash.

THANK YOU volunteers, athletes and committee for another incredibly successful year! 

More action photos are being processed will be posted  in the next few days!

The Fall nutrition challenge is almost here! We’ve chosen the renowned Lurong Living Challenge to compete in. This is an awesome way to clean up your diet, stay accountable, get stronger, slim down, and simply FEEL BETTER in your own skin!

It begins on the 15th and lasts 8 weeks. You can sign up and learn more by following the link above.

You can select CFNP as your affiliate, and are NOT required to buy or use any promoted supplements, which is one of the reasons why we like this format. We do feel that certain supplements can help your performance and health, (like USANA and SFH- ask us if you want to learn more) but this challenge is about making healthy eating choices and adopting a lifestyle that promotes great health!

Katie, Wendy, Koby and Arrene post-Saturday WOD.




24 Hours!

SONY DSCTire flipping fun this morning! SONY DSC

We’re down to less than 24 hours until the Hydro Mash!

Come down to the Camas Pool at Crown Park 9-2pm tomorrow to cheer on the teams! There will be over 60 athletes from the Portland-Vancouver area throwing down in fast-paced aquatic CrossFit events you have to see to believe.

Spectators are free, and food is ON SITE!

Learn more about the event and charity HERE


Top of the Food Chain

IMG_2621Shelley, Shyla, Maddy, Meghan, Toni, Caryn, and Abby have some pyramid fun after their cool down while Bryan cheers them on!

Check out CFNP’s Labor Day Hours:

Friday: All regular classes

Saturday: All regular classes

Sunday: Closed

Monday: 9AM CrossFit class

Next Week: CFNP will be closed Saturday, Sept 6th because everyone will be at the Hydro Mash! Elements and Intro make up class will be held on Friday Sept 5th at 5pm.

Now, keep fueling your body properly!

We humans are at the top of the food chain, and most of us can choose pretty much ANYTHING we want to eat. People will tell you that chips are cheaper than broccoli. They’re lying.

Don’t let parties, peer pressure, or politeness drive you to consume anything that you shouldn’t.

Pack lunches, plan dinners, laugh with your friends when they tease you about your food choices (hey, at the end of the day you will be the one looking and feeling great,) and kindly decline EVERYTHING you would rather not eat.

Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is the easiest thing to do.

Dave working on his back lever! Now, let’s bring back the ring HSPU. ;)



What’s the WOD?

SONY DSCWorkout partners Jacqui and Koby rolling through the overhead squats!

Everyone is gearing up for the school and sports season which is right around the corner. Don’t forget to check out the Fall CrossFit Kids (and teens!) schedule and plan ahead!

Are you interested in volunteering for the Hydro Mash? We need assistance in all areas, from judging, logistical support, photography, and more! If you would like to help and are available Sept 6, please let Polly know or sign up on the sheet at the box!

The end of summer CFNP party is still on for Saturday the 23rd, and being hosted at Barbi’s beautiful home. See you there!

Do you ever wonder why we are doing the workouts we do, or wish you knew what was coming?

We’ll share some not-so-secret secrets about CFNP programming:

  • You can pretty much count on performing the olympic lifts – cleans and snatches – in some capacity every week.
  • You are going to Squat. It may be air squats, it may be back, front, or overhead. But you will squat!
  • It will be varied. We only lift on specific days when on a lifting cycle. So it is important to wear shoes that you can lift and run in, or bring both, every time you come to the box.
  • The programing is as difficult as you make it! Learn to push when you should be pushing. Back off when it is appropriate. Use common sense, listen to your body, listen to your coach, and take rest days not when you need them, but when you will benefit from them. 

Welcome these fresh faces when you see them: Evan, Tim, Rachael and Meghan finishing up class!SONY DSC

Hydro Mash Entry is OPEN!

ry=400-10Entry is now available for the 2014 CrossFit North Pacific Hydro Mash!

The 2nd year running, this fundraiser competition is all about teamwork, fitness, water, and supporting our nation’s warriors.

Join the fun in a competition that is like none other, while supporting our heroes!

WHEN: September 6th, 2014 ~ Check in 8-8:45. Heats begin @ 9AM

WHERE: Camas Municipal Pool and Crown Park (120 NE 17th Avenue, Camas, WA 98607)

Space is very limited. Team Captains can register their teams HERE!

This competition features multiple aquatic events and CrossFit workouts.
Teams must consist of 4-person mixed co-ed teams: 2 men, 2 women.
RX and scaled options available.
100% of proceeds donated to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation!
IMG_1536Congrats to our awesome ladies Natalie, Wendy, Christy, Jen, Caryn, Emily and Koby that ran the Bridge of the Gods Half Marathon yesterday!
And nice work to our 2 teams that represented at CFC’s competition yesterday in support of Officer Goudschaal!photo-75photo-76

Bring Out Your Inner Spartan

SONY DSCBoyd gets a move on his 1 Mile Row!

CFNP is sending 2 teams to CrossFit Camas on August 9th to support the fundraising competition to benefit Vancouver Officer Dustin Goudschaal, who was injured when he was shot during a traffic stop last month.

Challenge begins at 10 a.m. Spectators are encouraged to attend the event and buy a barbecue lunch catered by Rib City. All profits from the competition and lunch will go to Goudschaal’s recovery fund.

We will still have a regular WOD at CFNP at 9am.

Thank you to everyone that filled out our surveys! We appreciate your input and are excited to implement many of your ideas and requests. Congrats to our drawing winner, Jill – come and pick up your North Pacific gear at your next class!

To all our athletes running the Spartan Race tomorrow: Have fun and go get those rope climbs. :)

Below, Kristen rocks out her double unders. SONY DSC

Party Time!

SONY DSCMaddy and Casey tackling “Elizabeth” this morning! Nice work you two. Maddy did her first RX Elizabeth, and Casey completed an RX Annie!

byb_testingThe date for the second annual CFNP~Barbi’s Backyard Bash has been SET! Save the date of August 23. The party will kick off around 5pm, and you can sign up to bring your favorite primal/paleo/gluten free/non-paleo dish to pass on the sheet at the box. Children are welcome, and you might need your play clothes and dancing shoes. :)

Is your garden overflowing? Don’t let anything go to waste! Toss those veggies into an ice, coconut milk and berry smoothie for a cool, healthy treat on these hot days. …..Or, bring them into the box so Polly can eat them! :)

The lost & found box is also overflowing. As athletes, we know you are bound to get hot and take of clothes, drop water bottles in a fit of exhaustion and misplace snappy sun glasses. Just remember collect them on your next visit!

Dan exemplifies how hard work, a stellar attitude and straight up  determination can pay off ten-fold. This guy is amazing! He has made gains in all fitness domains, and continues to put in incredible effort with a smile every time he walks in the door. Thanks for being here, Dan!SONY DSC

Wildfires & the CrossFit Games

SONY DSCOur thoughts are with our friend who is fighting wildfires as we write this – You are an incredible competitor and person, Jordin! Having coached you for the last year, we have nothing but confidence in your ability to protect Umatilla National Forest and beyond. Thank you for your service. Washington State is a safer place with you out there!

The feedback we have been receiving from our 2014 survey is fantastic – We LOVE hearing from you! This is how we get concrete information on what you like, what you love, how we can be a better CrossFit box, and what we can provide here to make your experience more positive. If you haven’t turned in your survey yet, make it happen and be a part of the constant improvement!

The 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games begin NEXT WEEK! Aside from our obvious favorite, team CrossFit Fort Vancouver (our friends, “neighbors” and the team Polly competed on at the 2011 Games!), there is also a wide array of competitors from all backgrounds – teachers, mothers, former and current pro-athletes, olympians… the list goes on. Get the schedule and learn how to tune in to the Games!

Summer Fun!

SONY DSCGo, Jacqui! You are looking amazing! Thanks for being so much fun!

We apologize for the hiatus from the blogging – It isn’t from lack of incredible content! You athletes have been killing it, from the box at every WOD, to summer races of all kinds!

Congrats to Coach Ross, Coach Tracey, Tom and Leslie for competing in the Ocean Shores Triathlon!

We know many of you have races coming up. Send us a snap shot of you or your fellow CFNP athlete in action. We would love to share your athletic adventures.


The first session of CFNP Kids last week was a huge success!  Our young athletes were able to work on their squats, push press and thrusters all while having a great time competing in the “CrossFit Olympics.”DSC_0154

Next week the fun will continue with Session 2.  This time our skills, WODS, and warm ups will focus around a jungle and “Survivor” theme!  We will work on monkey hangs, tarzan swings, stink bugs (a scaled version of hand stand push ups), gorilla lifts (deadlifts), front squats and much more!  The older kids will divide into tribes and compete in reward and immunity challenges.  But don’t worry, no one will be voted out, instead they will get the chance to vote out some of their least favorite CrossFit moves!  We can hardly wait for the fun to begin.

If you are an adult and worried that you might be missing out on the fun, don’t worry. Word is there might be a sprinkler WOD coming up on one of these hot days…. :)

Happy Birthday to one of the coolest guys we know! The only athlete who can do turkish getups and blow bubbles at the same time. ;) Have an awesome day, Sid!SONY DSC SONY DSC