Light it Up!

Carribean 2014 318Welcome back to the Nilles family! These four spent the last 2 weeks sailing the 43′ boat L’Attitude through the Caribbean -which they piloted themselves. Seriously SO COOL!! Thanks for bringing CFNP with you on the adventure!

Re-post: For those of you looking for meal ideas and resources, check out Against All Grain and Elana’s Pantry for some lip-smackingly delicious (and healthy!) recipes.

You guys LIT UP the parking lot yesterday! Too much fun! Here is a video of some of the action….


Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 1.06.23 PMHappy Birthday, Barbi! Here’s to wishing our energetic little 62-year old her best year yet! Thanks so much for coming in and celebrating with us – You’re incredible!!strength2-2

CFNP Strength cycle starts this week! We tested maxes yesterday, and you all set the bar pretty darn high. Prepare to get even STRONGER! :)

A portion of class on Tuesday and Friday for the next 8-12 weeks will be designated to strength conditioning. These days will not be unlike many other classes, accept that now you can count on power lifting on those days. Like a regular class, it’s going to be jam-packed, so we’re counting on you to stay on task! If you requested to be sent the Squat Program to punch in your numbers you should receive it in your inbox sometime today.

Here is a great article on catching the bounce. We’ve answered a few questions lately about when/why/if this is appropriate, and this article that goes more in-depth. Do we want to see you bouncing every squat in a met con? No. Should you be trying this as a new lifter? No. Is it an effective way for an experienced lifter with healthy joints to increase your capacity to lift? Yes!

New to CrossFit? Check out CrossFit Tips for beginners.

What does Crock Pot mean to you? To us, it means more time outside taking on adventure. :)  Pick one for dinner tonight and free up more of your day!

Below, Joe gets some serious air doing box-over jumps! Looking great! SONY DSC


Hot Shots and Better Lifts

SONY DSCHappy Birthday, Barry! You’ve been killing it lately. We love how you bring your game face and give your best at every single training session. Thanks for coming in and celebrating with us on your big day!

SONY DSCCF North Pacific hosted the Outlaw Coffee Company girls last weekend for a self defense class! Thanks Lorenzo for sharing your expertise. These baristas not only sling delicious drinks 7 days a week, but land some solid punches now, too!

In-house Olympic Weightlifting classes coming up in May/June! Stay tuned for dates and details.

What Astronauts can teach you about sleep

Fixing the Snatch for the CrossFit athleteIMG_4627





Cupcakes and Kettlebells

IMG_4614You did it! This afternoon at 5pm the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Open officially comes to a close!!

A GIANT thank you is in order to our “Sponsors” Todd and Tonya from Mesa, and Steve and Kim from Washougal Sport and Spine. You guys took awesome care of us and made the experience even better than it already was!

Hey judges – you were the bomb! Special shout out to Sid and Wendy, who rallied with supplies, ideas, and judged every heat of the Open all five weeks. THANK YOU! :)

It was pretty cool to have friends, siblings, parents and grandparents of our athletes come and show their support. If you are reading this -or the next time you see the aforementioned tell them-  It was so nice to have you visit!!

Finally, thanks to you, our competitors, for stepping up and putting on inspiring, gusty, incredible performances.

The true spirit of this competition was represented well. Thanks for your sportsmanship, adaptability, and genuine support of each other. You made us proud!

Now, its time to train for races of all kinds, summer adventures, and life in general!

Check out the events board at the box and talk to the POC of any you are interested in.

There are a lot of things I love about the blog pictures today, including Mallorie’s cupcake+kettlebell tank and the way Bryan’s plates are loaded. You guys know how to make me happy. :)

It’s go time!

LEAD_All_Region_Girls_Wrest_r770x495IMG_2975In case you missed it, Abby was featured in the Columbian for her acheivements, including being named all-region’s Wrestler of the Year! Great work, Abby. You are incredible, and your whole family is a fantastic addition to our community! We love coaching you in the box and have had so much fun watching you continually improve. Keep up the great work!

It’s FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS time! The final workout is kicking off this evening starting at 4:30pm. If you are worried that you will take too long completing 14.5, please don’t. We have a great system set up, awesome volunteers, and you and everyone else will have a chance to complete the workout and bring the 2014 Open season to a close!

Don’t forget to watch the video standards before arriving. Remember, this workout is no different than many of the workouts you do on a regular basis. A few thrusters, hops over a bar and burpees are nothing to be worried about! Just come out, do your best, and have fun! :)

Below, Sharika in the middle of her WOD with an AWESOME overhead position!SONY DSC



Spring Break, baby!

SONY DSCMelissa gets some thrusters done while Logan keeps an eye on all the action.

Melissa, you are doing so well! It’s always awesome when parents don’t use their kids as an excuse not to come to the box or pursue things that are important to them. This mom simply makes it happen despite the challenges. You’re a fabulous role model!

48f1d28e32c7a42b8fce3c7100223e01-605x312Today is the day!!! We find out the final workout of the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Open. We’re celebrating by throwing down in the usual fashion on Friday night, but with a party, food and drinks afterward!

Tonya, Todd and Mesa will have some amazing food and beverages available for only a few bucks. And Steve from Washougal Sport and Spine will be stopping by as usual to support any athletes! All athletes (new and vets!) are welcome to come, participate and support the competitors any time. The first heat usually starts around 4:30, and we’ll be there late into the evening.

Don’t forget that next week CrossFit Kids is on Spring Break! Classes will resume on April 9th, and every Wednesday after that! Below Sarah and Grace have fun with buddy carries. These girls are strong!SONY DSC

So Proud

625478_10152027947670601_1383604013_nIt is with our greatest joy that these friends were welcomed home in the last year, and extreme pride that they are now honored for their bravery.

You always were and always will be heroes in our book. So proud of you, gentlemen!!



Today is a great day to get better!

SONY DSCAshley powers through some kettlebell swings! Looking good, girl!

Awesome job to everyone that completed 14.4 over the weekend. From our vets to our new athletes, some outstanding performances have been made! It’s pretty incredible when you think about the fact that many of you had never touched a barbell before a few months ago, or lifted a certain weight are now throwing it up and digging deeper than you ever have!

Some stand-out performances include Carolyn getting her first 3 toes to bar in a workout EVER, Tom rocking out 10 muscles ups in 14.4, Emily PRing her deadlift in 14.3, Shon going from zero double unders last year to a score of 236 on 14.1,  Natalie getting into her second round of chest to bar pull ups, and Michael D. and Justin hitting personal records on their overhead squats in 14.2!

Thanks to each of you athletes and judges whom make it the fun, positive experience that it is!

As Mike K. says, “Don’t be afraid of coming out on to the floor and looking like a loser! The only losers are the ones sitting at home too afraid to try!” (I hope I got that quote right. It was pretty awesome in the pep talk he gave his wife.) :)

CrossFit Kids Schedule Announcement!

Adjustments in our schedule are coming up as we prepare for the fast approaching summer season! (Packed full of CrossFit Camps, Programs and fun!)

Beginning in April CrossFit Kids classes will be once a week on Wednesdays for the Spring Season. The cost of classes will adjust to $30/month, and will remain at 3pm. The schedule is below:

March: Class as usual
24, 26
 NO class on March 31 due to Spring Break
April: Class only on Wednesday
No class on April 2 due to Spring Break
May: Class only on Wednesday
June: Off Season - NO CLASS
July and August: CrossFit Kids Summer Programs!

It’s a stunning day! Get out there! And catch up on some good reads when you have the chance:

Which one are you? Training Hard vs Training Smart

Ways to Strengthen Bones

The overhead squats are looking good, Chuck!SONY DSC


Deadlifts & Box Jumps!

IMG_2378Chelsea mastering her overhead squats last week!

Can you believe it is Friday already??

Get ready for 14.3 tonight by reading the standards and checking out these tips!

This is not a workout you should need to redo.

Come in tonight with the mindset to give it your best and not hold back.

It’s an incredible couplet that we think will be a blast to watch, and fun & challenging to perform. Having an attitude that you can tackle it again in a day or two will only limit you physiologically, and chances are even if your mind is telling you you’re ready to do it again in 3 days, your nervous system is going to feel otherwise!

Lift with control, don’t bounce the bar (because it’s bad for you, and against the rules,) and make your transitions smooth.

Go for it, and have fun!

The action kicks off at 4:30pm. but as usual, you can show up anytime after that to compete or support your friends.

Todd & Tonya will have some amazing meals available, and Steve will be there to advise and provide care!

Below, Julie gets another chest to bar pull up! Whoop! :)


SONY DSCYou are looking at Sid, one of our star Open judges and North Pacific athletes!

About 10 months ago Sid sustained a torn achilles while overseas. After crutches, 7 months in a walking boot and rehab, he is back and looking better than ever! Thanks for keeping us laughing and being such a stand up guy, Sid.

Now, bring on the overhead squats and pull ups!!! 

14.2 goes off tonight! Feel free to show up anytime after 4pm. Heats will probably be quick and will not start until 4:45pm.

Kimberly from Washougal Sport and Spine will be there to help you with any aches or concerns, and ways to maximize your potential – make sure you see her!

Todd and Tonya will not be supplying Mesa on-site meals this week, but due to popular demand they WILL be here next week!! Plan on bringing some grub of your own or running out to get some after your heat if you can hang around and cheer this evening.

Don’t forget to watch and read the movements standards from the games site prior to coming in this evening! They will be briefed, but it helps you and your judge a lot if you are already familiar with the WOD and know what is expected.

See you tonight!!SONY DSC