Hot Shots and Better Lifts

SONY DSCHappy Birthday, Barry! You’ve been killing it lately. We love how you bring your game face and give your best at every single training session. Thanks for coming in and celebrating with us on your big day!

SONY DSCCF North Pacific hosted the Outlaw Coffee Company girls last weekend for a self defense class! Thanks Lorenzo for sharing your expertise. These baristas not only sling delicious drinks 7 days a week, but land some solid punches now, too!

In-house Olympic Weightlifting classes coming up in May/June! Stay tuned for dates and details.

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Fixing the Snatch for the CrossFit athleteIMG_4627





Cupcakes and Kettlebells

IMG_4614You did it! This afternoon at 5pm the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Open officially comes to a close!!

A GIANT thank you is in order to our “Sponsors” Todd and Tonya from Mesa, and Steve and Kim from Washougal Sport and Spine. You guys took awesome care of us and made the experience even better than it already was!

Hey judges – you were the bomb! Special shout out to Sid and Wendy, who rallied with supplies, ideas, and judged every heat of the Open all five weeks. THANK YOU! :)

It was pretty cool to have friends, siblings, parents and grandparents of our athletes come and show their support. If you are reading this -or the next time you see the aforementioned tell them-  It was so nice to have you visit!!

Finally, thanks to you, our competitors, for stepping up and putting on inspiring, gusty, incredible performances.

The true spirit of this competition was represented well. Thanks for your sportsmanship, adaptability, and genuine support of each other. You made us proud!

Now, its time to train for races of all kinds, summer adventures, and life in general!

Check out the events board at the box and talk to the POC of any you are interested in.

There are a lot of things I love about the blog pictures today, including Mallorie’s cupcake+kettlebell tank and the way Bryan’s plates are loaded. You guys know how to make me happy. :)

Spring Break, baby!

SONY DSCMelissa gets some thrusters done while Logan keeps an eye on all the action.

Melissa, you are doing so well! It’s always awesome when parents don’t use their kids as an excuse not to come to the box or pursue things that are important to them. This mom simply makes it happen despite the challenges. You’re a fabulous role model!

48f1d28e32c7a42b8fce3c7100223e01-605x312Today is the day!!! We find out the final workout of the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Open. We’re celebrating by throwing down in the usual fashion on Friday night, but with a party, food and drinks afterward!

Tonya, Todd and Mesa will have some amazing food and beverages available for only a few bucks. And Steve from Washougal Sport and Spine will be stopping by as usual to support any athletes! All athletes (new and vets!) are welcome to come, participate and support the competitors any time. The first heat usually starts around 4:30, and we’ll be there late into the evening.

Don’t forget that next week CrossFit Kids is on Spring Break! Classes will resume on April 9th, and every Wednesday after that! Below Sarah and Grace have fun with buddy carries. These girls are strong!SONY DSC

Today is a great day to get better!

SONY DSCAshley powers through some kettlebell swings! Looking good, girl!

Awesome job to everyone that completed 14.4 over the weekend. From our vets to our new athletes, some outstanding performances have been made! It’s pretty incredible when you think about the fact that many of you had never touched a barbell before a few months ago, or lifted a certain weight are now throwing it up and digging deeper than you ever have!

Some stand-out performances include Carolyn getting her first 3 toes to bar in a workout EVER, Tom rocking out 10 muscles ups in 14.4, Emily PRing her deadlift in 14.3, Shon going from zero double unders last year to a score of 236 on 14.1,  Natalie getting into her second round of chest to bar pull ups, and Michael D. and Justin hitting personal records on their overhead squats in 14.2!

Thanks to each of you athletes and judges whom make it the fun, positive experience that it is!

As Mike K. says, “Don’t be afraid of coming out on to the floor and looking like a loser! The only losers are the ones sitting at home too afraid to try!” (I hope I got that quote right. It was pretty awesome in the pep talk he gave his wife.) :)

CrossFit Kids Schedule Announcement!

Adjustments in our schedule are coming up as we prepare for the fast approaching summer season! (Packed full of CrossFit Camps, Programs and fun!)

Beginning in April CrossFit Kids classes will be once a week on Wednesdays for the Spring Season. The cost of classes will adjust to $30/month, and will remain at 3pm. The schedule is below:

March: Class as usual
24, 26
 NO class on March 31 due to Spring Break
April: Class only on Wednesday
No class on April 2 due to Spring Break
May: Class only on Wednesday
June: Off Season - NO CLASS
July and August: CrossFit Kids Summer Programs!

It’s a stunning day! Get out there! And catch up on some good reads when you have the chance:

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The overhead squats are looking good, Chuck!SONY DSC


Hard work pays off

SONY DSC Kim on her way to a new PR!

In case you didn’t notice, last week was a big tester week. Everything from Metcons and multiple-rep strength lifts, to a splash of specific work on varying personal goals.

Nicely done!

Days like these are important.  Not only do they determine your current ability, but make concrete evidence of your improvements. It’s hard to know how to get some where unless you know where you are at. It’s also pretty darn amazing to see how far you have come!

I wish I had logged my first year of CrossFit (I started shortly after that) so I knew.  Having clear, attainable goals with verbs and timelines is extremely important to help make them happen.

Really listen to cues when you are in class. You might get one cue, maybe a few. Ideally you shouldn’t have more than that. Actually try what your coach says, even if it sounds crazy. :)

We are here to help you move better, but unless our feedback is applied, it won’t make much of a difference. For the record, MANY of are already doing this and making MAJOR gains!

Also, if you’ve been holding out putting your goals in writing, that’s ok. But if you’ve been secretly hoping to make something happen and want us to know about it, grab us and TELL us! We aren’t mind readers, and care about what you have to say when it comes to your health and progress. Hit us up before, or after class!

And you though CrossFit faces were bad…..

Paleo Detox Salad

Diana looking solid. Love coaching this girl!!


Family Fitness!

SONY DSCBrian goes for it during box jumps in a WOD! Not only does he have hops, but this guy has been making progress by leaps and bounds in the lifting department as well. Keep up the great work!

Thank you to everyone who came out to see us and participate in the fun at Family Fitness night this past Thursday at Gause Elementary School!  We were delighted to be a part of it. The kids and school representatives were awesome, and we spoke to so many nice parents and kids. If you didn’t get all of your questions answered, feel free to email or give us a call!

Tanner is one of our student athletes that tested out of his CF Kids age group and attends CrossFit Classes. He is doing AMAZING, and we love seeing this guy every morning!


Tips to Make You more Prepared!

SONY DSCOh yea — Danni is in the house! If you’ve had the opportunity to train with this girl you know how she is constantly has a smile on her face, AND how freakin’ strong she is. Keep up the great work, D!!!

Do you have any friends that have been wanting to try CrossFit with you? Or have you just been keeping up with our CrossFit craziness and want to give it a try? Either way, feel free to come try it out for yourself! We hold free WODs every Saturday at 8am. You can sign up here, or give us a call and we’re happy to help you out!

A prepared athlete is a happy & successful athlete. We want you to be both! Here are some tips on what to wear or put in your car to make your workout even better:

Long Socks – Rope climbs can come up anytime. Be prepared!

Recovery drink – Feeling shaky as you drive home isn’t cool. You should be comfortable hanging out or practicing stuff after your WOD, not racing home to eat before your blood sugar crashes. Bring yourself a shaker bottle, or get some from the box.

Shorts/pants that fit. Drop a squat. If they feel tight or you hear a rip then these are not the right pair.

A towel if you sweat buckets. We like it that you’re hydrated; just keep it mostly to yourself.

Tape. We have tape at the box, but we would be going through cases if we handed it out. Pick some up if you’re on a mission to get a muscle up, or are nursing some tender hands.

One twin gave up sugar, the other gave up fat

Nicole and Jordin up the ropes!


More Open Hours in the Works!

SONY DSCBring on the rain (or snow!) – Jason has some kicking windshield wipers!

Great work yesterday to everyone that work on their lifts, gymnastics, and others skills during “Open Coaching”. We know a least a half a dozen of you that PR’d on something!

To clarify, there are no official “Open Gym” hours, but what you will see is additional hours open on weekends, and time before and after classes throughout the week available for our 2-a-day athletes, and for those of you who want more time to practice your snatch/deadlift/monkey hangs/etc.! We’ve heard some great feed back on this. Look for it coming the second week of February and potentially continuing throughout  the summer!

Cracking the athlete’s brain

Why bother leaving the house?


Gary striding out some waiter walks!


It’s Getting Hot In Here!

SONY DSCKoby and Karr’a getting through the buddy workout yesterday! It looks like Karr’a got taller. :)

Did you know all CFNP athletes can access their past WODs and scores through this website? Click on Workouts and use the pin. It’s on the board at the box for you all to use!

Leave your shirts in the car ladies and gentlemen, the HEAT IS ON at the box! :) !!!!!

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Manmakers and Rope Climbs

SONY DSCGo, Dave! Dave is the latest to sign up for the Open, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Have I told you lately that it’s hip to get sleep? Here’s a horrifying picture of what sleep loss will do to you!

Can you snatch as well as an 8 year old?

Don’t forget about holiday hours on Monday (available on the schedule.)

Below, Chelsea does rope climbs in her WOD! Atta girl!! :)